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Boadroom Ape Club #133

Boardroom Ape Halo

Boadroom Ape Club Ex#312

Boardroom Ape Business

Boadroom Ape Club Ex#1000

Boardroom Ape Eco

Boadroom Ape Club Ex#508

Boardroom Ape Club NFTs

Buy the new super-rare Boardroom Ape Club near-unobtainable NFT.

Boardroom Ape Banker

Boadroom Ape Club Ex#750

Corporate Ape

Boardroom Ape Club Ex#1

About ‘Board Apez’

Boardroom Ape Club

BOARDROOM APE CLUB NFTs are an ultra-rare 1,11 series of Board Room Apes.  If you buy a BOARDROOM APE NFT, then you are automatically in the club for special airdrops, rewards, and special early opportunities for maximum hodler benfits.  Become a member today, just buy at least 1 NFT to be in the club!

Oil Ape

Boardroom Ape Club Ex#415


The Boardroom Ape Business and Crypto Investment and NFT hodlers club.

The Boardroom Ape Club NFT and Boardroom Crypto Platform is the leading new crypto ape community expansion platform.  By buying, hodling, and staking BOARDROOM Apes and Tokens, we expect to achieve maximum appreciation and rewards for the BOARDROOM APE Members and Hodlers!


Boardroom Ape Club NFTs


Original Base ETH Price

For artists

How to become a ‘Boardroom Ape Club’ member:

To be a member, you have to buy and hold at least 1 Boardroom Ape Club NFT.

Add Funds to your wallet

You need Ethereum (ETH) to purchase a BoardRoom Ape Club  NFT with fair open drop on

Buy your Ape NFT

Go to and buy your NFT and put into your wallet.

Start sale

Store and keep your NFT – it is your membership club ID with the Boardroom Ape Club for member special VIP access, airdrops, and other benefits and rewards.

Our Concept

Boardroom Crypto

The BOARDROOM Crypto staking platform and crypto coin and nft staking system overview:


Buy and Trade BOARDROOM NFTs and Tokens

To be a Member, you must own at least 1 BoardRoom Ape Club NFT currently.

BOARDROOM Token (BOARDROOM) Crypto Rewards

Get a BOARDROOM NFT and get a chair at the table!

The BOARDROOM Vault is where we store and keep all the NFT sale and liquidity pool funds and Stake the Tokens for Crypto Rewards Members.

BoardRoom Ape Club VIP Collection

Boardroom Ape NFTs are the most valuable apes on the planet.

Boardroom Ape Coins

Boardroom Ape Club Ex#518

Boardroom Ape Halo

Boadroom Ape Club Ex#312

BoardRoom Ape Pipe

Boardroom Ape Club Ex#541

Boardroom Ape Eco

Boadroom Ape Club Ex#508

Boardroom Ape Banker

Boardroom Ape Club Ex#750

Our community

The Boardroom Ape Club 1,111 series NFTs on the ETH blockchain.  Buy NFT and join the BOARDROOM APE NFT Investment and BOARDROOM Crypto Vault Staking Club Today!

Join us now

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